Here, you can unlock your potential that will help you understand the principles of leadership and provide development opportunities to promote personal growth and leadership excellence. Ultimately, a leader doesn’t just build a business; a leader builds an organization that builds a business. According to Dr. Alleem, “leadership is about change; it is about making things happen. Everything changes so fast today that the key is often not what you’ve learned, but how fast you can learn”.




Challenges and Opportunities in Leadership & Management

08:00 - 13:00 Hours

Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah, UAE



Workshop on Leadership & Management

08:00 - 13:00 Hours

Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah, UAE



10th Annual Leadership & Management Congress Week

08:00 - 17:00 Hours

Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah, UAE



Workshop on Leadership & Management

08:00 - 13:00 Hours

Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah, UAE



Leadership & Management Excellence Awards Night

Alleem Achievers Awards

17:00 - 22:00 Hours

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, UAE

Dr. Rashid Alleem - Founder & Executive Chairman


DR. RASHID ALLEEM IS WIDELY known as a visionary and thought leader in the business, socio-economic, academic and cultural fields. Known for his strategic thinking, he is respected by peers as a man with qualities of mind and heart.

Dr. Alleem dons many hats and hones various skills and passions. He is currently Chairman of Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority – UAE. He served for over a decade as Director General, Department of Seaports and Customs and Sharjah Free Zones Authority. He was the driving force in transforming the zones into a strategic commerce hub empowering thous-ands of businesses in the region, thereby contributing to the development of the UAE economy. He has been instrumental in bringing on board over 12,000 companies from across 157 nations and attracting a whopping $40 billion in FDI.

Dr. Alleem’s leadership has helped create business excellence on other fronts as well. His participation as Vice Chairman of World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as other organizations such as Sharjah Charity International, Sharjah Medical Zone, German Emarati Joint Council for Industry and Commerce and World Trade Development Council in Hong Kong, has seen his contribution enrich the business ecosystem in a noteworthy manner.

An honorary that visits faculties in numerous local and international universities, addressing almost 15,000 people a year, Dr. Alleem truly believes that excellence can only be achieved through sustainability by aligning commercial, social and environmental objectives.

A prolific writer both in English and Arabic, Dr. Rashid Alleem is the author of several books on management and leadership. His recent book My Green Journey in Hamriyah, a candid account of his endeavours in improving the environment and distributing his green message not only to entrepreneurs, but also organizations worldwide, has been well received. The book has been praised for its professional and practical approach on many knowledge platforms. Another book he authored, which is sought after in some circles, is My Leadership Secrets, written in English and translated into Arabic and German. He frequently addresses diverse audiences on the development of human capital and socially responsible business empowerment initiatives.

In 2001, he founded Alleem Knowledge Center, a non-profit organization, which is a testament to his numerous initiatives and relentless efforts to promote leadership potential and to enrich the tenets of knowledge sharing.

When the financial meltdown happened in September 2008, resulting in the crash of the global economy, Dr. Alleem took up the cudgels and went about creating fresh benchmarks for the industry in an effort to mentor and prepare the industry captains to withstand crisis. Alleem Knowledge Center chalked out an elaborate agenda for organising various events under the banner – Alleem Business Congress – and addressed various key issues through this unique forum.

Alleem Business Congress has set lofty benchmarks against the best international practices. Alleem Business Congress provides a wide platform where business leaders meet and work together to address survival strategies as well as the economic, social and environmental challenges of sustainable development by deliberating on Energy and Water, Leadership & Management, Project Management, Sustainable Development & Inclusive Growth and Marketing & Branding.

A commentator par excellence, his contributions on benchmarking overall excellence are much sought after in local and international publications. His thought-provoking articles have been the topic of discussion in various socio-economic events at national and international platforms. A popular persona with the local and overseas media, Dr. Alleem’s interview with, the BBC World English Channel for its Middle East Business Report segment, which is broadcast to an international audience, created a huge response from home and abroad. Recently, he was interviewed by Deutsche Welle (DW) a German international broadcaster, for the ‘Made in German Report’.

Thanks to his leadership experience gained over two decades in the international business arena, Dr. Alleem is today acknowledged as a ‘Change Leader’ who strives relentlessly to usher in a new business ecosystem.

Dr. Alleem earned a Ph.D. from the University of Salford, Manchester, UK, and received an honorary Ph.D from Atlantic International University (USA) in recognition of his achievements in the socio-economic fields. With honorary doctorates from Somalia University for Humanitarian Services, and American Global International University in the US for his global business contributions and numerous academic achievements, Dr. Alleem is the embodiment of lifelong learning and harnessing intellectual capital.

Testament to his efforts are the various accolades he has received, including an Achievement Award by the League of Arab States in 2007, Gold Medal from the Mayor of Cannes for environmental efforts 2007, Excellence in Leadership award from ASSOCHAM in India 2008, and Celebrity of the Year by Khaleej Times newspaper.

As a tribute to Dr. Alleem’s administrative acumen, The Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF) award 2008 honoured Hamriyah Free Zone for its support and for recognizing best practices and promoting excellence. He’s been endorsed as a Maritime Personality for 2009 by Marine Biz TV and the bagged Global Champion of Climate Change 2011 award.

Dr. Alleem has been named the Global Champion of Climate Change at the opening of the ‘Youth & Climate Change’ conference organized by Youth Exnora International at the prestigious IIT Madras campus, in India.

Acclaimed for his unique leadership qualities, Dr. Alleem has been conferred with the Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2012 as a tribute to his acumen in Training & Human Capital Development. He has also been decorated with the Jewels of Muslim World Award 2012 in Jakarta in recognition of his achievements as one of the top nine movers of Islamic economics. He was bestowed with the honour of Environmentalist of the Year 2012 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in recognition of his contributions towards a sustainable environment.

Dr. Alleem was recognized as one among the 100 UAE nationals who have contributed immensely to the ‘happiness’ of the UAE, on the eve of the United Nations’ ‘International Day of Happiness’ 2013.

In 2013, he was conferred with the ‘Certificate of Knight Award’ for his outstanding contribution in the field of ‘Leadership & Development’ by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and also bestowed with the Arab Organization Award for Social Responsibility from the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility in recognition of his CSR initiatives in Hamriyah Free Zone.

Dr. Alleem has also been decorated with the coveted ‘2013 Extraordinary Human’ Award by the United Nations World Peace Organization in Washington, United States, on the occasion of the international day of people with disability.

In early 2014, Dr. Alleem was conferred with an ‘Award of Excellence’ by Daimler-Mercedes Benz Germany for his efforts in protecting the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of Mercedes Benz in the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE. Later in May, Dr. Alleem received the prestigious ‘Global Economic Development Leadership Award’ in Cochin, India.

In a rare tribute to the wisdom reflected in ‘Management in the whole of the Arab World’, Dr. Alleem was honoured with the ‘Golden Arrow Award’ on 18th February 2014 in Dubai. On 3rd April, 2014, he was recognized as ‘Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, Care and Relief in GCC Countries, Middle East and North Africa’ by the International Organization for Peace, Care and Relief and Member of the Economic and Social Council of The United Nations. Many people also recognized him as the ‘Green Ambassador of the UAE’.

Dr. Rashid was recognized as “THE KNOWLEDGE AMBASSADOR OF UAE 2015” by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Dr. Alleem was selected as one of the “Best Government CEOs 2016” in the Middle East by Middle East Excellence Awards Institute.

Dr. Alleem was honored with “Friend of Singapore Sustainability Award 2017” by government of Singapore, and “Golden Friend of India Award 2017” by Indian Business and Professional Council on the 68th Republic Day of India.

New York Institute of Technology, New York USA in collaboration with Multinational Business Academy recognized HE Dr. Rashid Alleem as “Exemplary Leader” in their International Seminar on January 14th 2017 in Dubai UAE. He is also titled “GCC Happiness & Peace Ambassador” by Voice of Kerala (VOK) at their event on 12th May 2017.

Dr. Rashid Alleem

Dr. Mohammad Tariq


Dr.Mohammad Tariq is the Executive Chairman of Paradigm Pioneers Group having interest in Construction, Environmental Services, Financial Services, Education and Trading. In his careers spanning more than two decades, Dr.tariq has been actively engaged in various Technical forums and business councils and is a speaker at various Academic and Business platforms.

An Electronic Engineer by trade, he has a Doctorate in Green Supply Chain Management and is an advocate of Sustainable Development Goals. Amongst Paradigm Pioneers Group Companies, M/s. Developer Building Contracting LLC is a Category 1 Specialized Turnkey Civil Contractor working on a number of prestigious projects in Infrastructure Building, Oil & Gas Terminals and Industrial Constructions. M/s. Environmental Solutions and Consultancy is involved in a numerous environment based Consulting, Assessments & Training Activities. ESC has been at the forefront of providing Sustainable Solutions to its clients and is registered as Third Party Inspection agency. M/s. Axis Auditing & Accounting is Audit, Accounting & Risk Management Services Firm delivering a range of professional services. The Group has its own Indian Curriculum School, Salmiya Indian Model School in Kuwait & British International School in Ajman, UAE and have been putting its efforts to further grow itself in Educational Sector in GCC region.

Dr. Khurram Nawaz - Managing Partner & Director

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Leadership – A Natural Perspective

Dr. Khurram Nawaz Currently is Managing Partner of ACTS, UAE and Director for CIOE Inc., Canada. Khurram possesses over 27 years of versatile practical experience from diversified industrial sectors such as Service, Manufacturing, Aviation / Airport Services, Banking / Financial, Construction / Contracting / Fabrication, Education and Oil & Gas. His experience includes designing, developing, implementing, training and assessing excellence models such as EFQM/MBNQA/DQA/SKEA/SEEA/MRM, ISO Management Systems, TQM, process management and continuous improvement using project management methods. He has excellent practical and training experience for Leadership & Organizational Excellence, ISO 9001(QMS), ISO14001(EMS), OHSAS18001, ISO 21500 (Project Management Std.), ISO10002 (Customer Feedback Mgt), ISO 31000 (Risk Mgt), ISO 22301 (BCMS including Crisis Mgt), ISO 17025:2005 (Labs Management System), Leadership Factors for Organizational Excellence, Corporate Governance, Strategic Management and Planning, Innovation, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Operations Management, Kaizen & Kaizen Teams, Benchmarking, BSC, Project Management (PMI BOK), Perception Surveys, BPR, Staff and customer Suggestion Schemes, Process Management, Six Sigma and Lean Production, Service Management Excellence, Procurement, Stores & Inventory Management, Communication and Presentation skills, Employees Engagement through Performance Excellence Award and Suggestion Scheme.

Khurram holds PhD in Organizational Excellence from U.K. He also holds two master degrees; one in Quality Management and second in Applied Geology. He has been trained in Japan for certification in Building Materials Technology covering Total Quality Management, Organizational Excellence, Materials Management, Operational Excellence and Lean production, Leadership and Management, Innovation and creativity management, Risk Management, Business Continuity Management including Crisis Management, Kaizen, JIT and 5S. He has presented 15 papers in international conferences which have been published in different magazines and journals. Some of his papers can be viewed on Google, Yahoo, and You Tube.

Maged F. Hanna - PhD Candidate, M.Arts,PfMP, PMP,PMI-RMP,SSGB,CBP Master Executive, CRMA,ACIArb,ACE,CTP,AMBCS,ILMAT,NSCAT,Dubai Ambassador for Conferences, Managing Director & CEO

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Effective Leadership

Maged Farouck Hanna, holds 18 years of Experience in leading and managing organizations, and train, coach and mentoring individuals in different topics and especially leadership & Management. my Vision: Motivate and Discover Human Talents for innovation … Lead a Dynamic positive environment … Create Happiness Community who enjoys Quality of Life He is currently the Managing Director & CEO of SELEM DMCC, which stands for Smart Engineering Leadership & Excellence in Management. A Pioneer Firm Providing Management Consultancy Services, Training Courses, Testing, and Conference Organization.

Prior to assuming this leadership opportunity, Mr. Maged served as the General Manager of the Society of Engineers – UAE where he conducted pioneering work to develop and expand Society membership, professional activities, conferences, training and professional testing.  With responsibility for the strategic development of the Society, to achieve and exceed ambitious professional goals. Under his management and leadership, the Society grew to membership in excess of 37,000 members internationally. His numerous managerial accomplishments while in leadership at the UAE Society of Engineers include establishment of ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, Accreditation Internationally and Locally, Awards and appreciation Certificates, Scientific Magazine to create more awareness and encourage Experts for reading. He has more than 100 initiatives towards enhancing organizational effectiveness in the Society as well as raising performance of organization and overall results.

His educational achievements also complement his professional success. Mr. Maged is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Leadership and Management.  He has received his Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts from Halwan University in Egypt and has received numerous awards and honors throughout his prominent career.  This includes recognition & accreditation from a large number of diverse organizations, such as, IASSYB, IASSGB, ACE, ACI, CTP, CAPM, PfMP, PMP, PMI-RMP, CIA-CRMA, ACIArb, MABCS, ILMAT, NSCAT and CBP Master Executive. Mr. Maged not only focuses on personal development and education but is also committed to professional development within the community through training and short-course instruction.  He is a renowned and effective lecturer delivering short-courses in Leadership, Management, Soft-Skills, Graphics and Design and IT. Mr. Maged also serves the engineering community through consulting, providing mediation and negotiation services, and participating on organizational and development committees and boards to enhance the engineering profession.

Dr. Hanan Selim - Managing Director

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Superhuman Executives - Activate High Performance

Dr. Hanan is an experienced registered Consultant Pharmacist and Life coach based in United Arab Emirates. She graduated from St. John's University New York with a first-class honors degree in Pharmacy and Certifications in Natural methodologies like Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Energy healing and NLP practitioner and coach. She is an Entrepreneur, writer, Energy healer and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. She is born in Egypt but migrated with her family at 5 years old to the U.S., raised a Jersey Girl turned Bi-coastal dweller of NYC and Dubai. She's an obsessive learner who spends time reading, writing, creating and running a socially-conscious company, Her systems and programs guarantee to make you wiser, happier and younger. OK, not younger! But definitely wiser ,healthier and happier.

After 20 years in healthcare she set up her own consultancy to teach the "mind and body connection" methods to her clients to recover your health and body shape. She stumbled upon this after lots of failed attempts to reduce her weight and improve her health of angst trying to choose the perfect fad diet, medicine and diet pills, she realized that her unusual combination of Pharmacy and natural method skills was a strength, not a contradiction.

Dr. Hanan gave up searching for an ideal diet or diet pills and began diligently searching for natural ways to heal on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. In doing she created the 5-easy step strategy system to health recovery and body shape. The system gives a multitude of health benefits fast and for a lifetime to have quality life.” I believe with every fiber of my body that we all have the resources to get what we want...Whether the perfect body, relationship or life. We just need the tools and direction to get us there.”

Iftikhar Hamdani - Cluster General Manager

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Good Leaders must Lead by Example

Iftikhar Hamdani is currently working as Cluster General Manager to lead three Wyndham Hotels in Ajman. Hamdani is also currently engaged with his hotel group expansion and working as VP Development and Acquisition of R Hotels. Hamdani carries 22 years hospitality experience in different hospitality brands in different positions.

He has revolutionised the hospitality industry over the years with his commitment to carry projects on environment, community and charity work. Known as the initiator of green programmes in the emirate of Ajman, he has definitely made his mark to engage hoteliers in CSR over the past couple of years. He is known for his notable ground-breaking environment initiatives like launching Zero Landfill Project in 2012 – a waste management system of the property and Urban Farming in his hotel.

With the leadership and hard work in spearheading the various charity projects, green initiatives and empowerment of team, Iftikhar Hamdani was recognized as the “Brand Ambassador of Wyndham Hotel Group in year 2012” which signifies Wyndham Hotel Group’s appreciation of all the efforts he did for the environment and society. Hamdani has also been recognized as a “Highly Commended CSR Champion 2013” by the Hotelier Middle East. Hamdani received the “Alleem Sustainable Development Excellence Awards 2014” a recognition for his sustainable initiatives towards the environment. Two consecutive years, Hamdani bagged the Hospitality Excellence Award - CSR Champion of the Year 2015” and “General Manager of the Year 2016” by the Recently, Hamdani received the “Wyndham Hotel Group EMEA President’s Award for CSR 2016"

Safiya Hussain - CEO & Founder

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Empower Yourself with Positive Inner Dialogue

A Motivational Management Trainer and a Management Consultant who incorporates Neuro Linguisitc Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Hypnotherapy in her management training workshops. She also specializes in personalized Hypno- coaching programmes. She has over 17 years experience in management training and coaching corporate executives.

She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, and a Certified Advanced Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapist, from the National Federation, of Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NFNLP), in Florida, USA.

She is also certified in Complementary Medical Hypnotism, from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA, and works in conjunction with the medical practitioners, to help clients heal their lives. She has studied Forensic Hypnosis and is a member of the NGH, National Guild of Hypnotists, New Hampshire, USA.

She conducts powerful, highly-motivating, result-oriented, guaranteed workshops, in management training, NLP, Hypnosis and communication skills. She is very positive in her thinking, has an optimistic attitude and certainly believes that she is able to help people overcome diseases and live a healthy life. She helps her clients in hypnotherapy sessions to heal their lives without any medicine at all.

Prof. Sunny G. Nyemah - Chief Financial Officer

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Executing Vision Through Innovative Leadership & Management

Prof. Nyemah. Mr. currently serves as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Blue Ocean Development Holdings-USA, Board Member at Ecobank Liberia, Partner at Bentley Kantor & Company; and Director at Allianz International Holdings. Former Director & Asst. Professor at the University of Liberia Graduate Program of Business Administration, and Former Adjunct Faculty Member at the Metropolitan State University; Minnesota-USA. A Certified International Project Manager, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). He holds a Master degree from the University of St. Thomas Graduate program in Software Engineering, Minnesota, USA, MSc in Major Programme Management from the University of Oxford-UK, and Post-Graduate Certificate in Private Equity from the London Business School. And Former Investment rep, with NASD Series 6 & 63. Prof. Nyemah leads Blue Ocean Capital execution based on “Blended Funding” model. Spearheading the $3 Billion USD capital syndication for 50,000 housing units and CBDs in Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, and Liberia, successfully led capital raising engagements for Sovereigns, and numerous institutions across the globe.

Sailesh Nathan - President & Managing Director, Diplomats Summit LTD UK


Sailesh Nathan is a well-established entrepreneur and leader based in Dubai. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of BuyDoBuy Advertising LLC (, a leading events and brand management agency in Dubai UAE Dot Ten Technical Services (, specializing in retail branding, interiors and fabrications.

He also holds the position as Chairman (MENA) Small and Medium Business Development Chamber of India (

BA Asoka Kumar - Regional Quality Manager (Dubai & NE)

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Role of Leaders in Achieving Business Excellence

Asoka Kumar is currently working as Regional Quality Manager (Dubai & NE) of Lulu Group International, a leading retail chain of the region. He has 25+ years of experience in diverse industrial sectors such as Military, Banking, Insurance and Retail in various roles.

His experience include designing, developing, implementing, training and assessing excellence models such as EFQM/ MRMBEA/ DQA/SKEA/ SEEA and ISOs 9001 (QMS)/ISO 14001 (EMS), Performance Management System, Balanced Scorecard, Risk Management System, Quality Circles, Policies/Procedures and Process Improvement through Share Good Practices.

Asoka has successfully implemented various systems and practices across retail stores for improving customer satisfaction and organisational performance and took lead role in the organizational restructuring process intended to improve business performance in organisations. Also, he has developed and imparted leadership training programmes with organisational context that could result in enhanced leadership performance.

Edward Matti - Managing Partner of CCM Consultancy (Middle East, USA & Canada)

PRESENTATION TOPIC: The Psychology of Self-Motivation

As Managing Partner for CCM Consultancy, Edward Matti’s responsibilities put him in front of clients from all industries and with wide-spanning challenges. From effective talent management strategies to the design of complex progression models set to instill behavioral change, his team consults on end-to- end solutions for their clients. CCM Consultancy focuses on aiding clients in building branded customer experiences, culture shifts and capability building.

Edward is an experienced leader with almost 20 years of leadership experience in Human Resource Development, Sales and Financial Services, where he has proven his ability to manage, motivate and influence others through strong and effective communication skills and a commitment to realizing individual and team success.

Prior to moving to Dubai to head up CCM Consultancy, Edward lived in Toronto and was Regional Director for Canada’s largest financial planning firm. He spent 14 years working with his team of over 90 wealth managers, financial planners and support staff (having started off with 19 individuals) managed over US$540 Million in assets for clients and achieved an annual turnover of US$65 Million. This success led to his region ranking number one in Canada for Asset and New Business growth. He had received several awards for exceptional achievements as a Division and Regional Director.

Ahmed Abdulrahman A.Al Burkani - Director of Corporate Development Dept. Corporate Support Sector

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Role of Leadership Styles in Enhancing Organization’s Innovation and Foresight – a view of UAE Government Sector

Eng. Ahmed AL Burkani is an engineer in Civil and holding a master degree in Business Administration. He started his career as a construction engineer in Adnoc Distribution in Abu Dhabi. After his twelve-year career as a senior project manager and project department manager, Eng. Ahmed decided it was time for a change from the Oil Sector to the Government Sector in Abu Dhabi, where he was offered to be a Performance Development Consultant in Department of Economic Development. Eng. Ahmed was accredited on 2010 as Project Management Professional from PMI and a Competent Communicator from the International Toastmasters. In 2013, he became a Master Practitioner in NLP and in 2014 became certified in Quality Management/Organizational Excellence. In 2015, he got a certificate as a Lead Auditor in Quality Management System. Eng. Ahmed is a member within the Engineering Advisory board of Abu Dhabi University, plus his membership with different committees in Department of Economic Development, like Change Management, Human Resources, Social Responsibility and Organizational Excellence. At the beginning of 2015, he got his certificate in Train the Trainers and became an accredited instructor with American Society for Quality. By now, he is so passionate to share his knowledge with fun and joy and by September 2017 will start his journey with Professional Doctorate Degree in UK with a theme of Leadership and Innovation.

Farhad Bayati - CEO

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Wake Up… Issue Identification

Farhad Bayati is co-founder and CEO of mBELLAb group of companies including mBELLAb Business Services and Advisors DMCC (Dubai) and mBELLAb Power Solutions LLC (Abu Dhabi).

Mr. Bayati has worked as a corporate finance lawyer for over 25 years in Canada, Bermuda and UAE advising on corporate and commercial transactions and mandates for clients within the financial, energy, resource, entertainment, real estate and insurance sectors, among others. Mr. Bayati’s particular specialization is in mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring and restructuring, and corporate finance.

Mr. Bayati holds Juri Doctor in Law and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from the University of Victoria, Canada.

Ravi Anand - Sales Leader Steam Turbines

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Disruptive Leadership

Ravi Anand is a business leader with over 33 years of diverse industry experience in Power Generation Oil & Gas and Aviation sectors with proven track record in Sales & Marketing of capital equipment & services (23 + years), Operations (5 years) and Projects, Plant maintenance & Logistics (4 years).

Ravi is currently serving as Sales Leader for Steam Turbines (Middle East Africa) Power services GE Middle East based out of Dubai.

He has held Senior positions with leading global conglomerates like Rolls-Royce (Power Gen, Oil & Gas & Aviation – 19 years) & General Electric (Power Gen HD Gas Turbine Sales & Operations – 8 years). Ravi was working as Sales & Marketing Director for Alstom Thermal Services for Middle East & India (16 countries) based in Dubai prior to GE’s integration.

As Operations Leader for GE Power Generation Services (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) Ravi drove operational excellence in the region – developing a culture of Safety & Quality, meeting customer satisfaction by timely execution, controlling Cost & enhancing operational Productivity, all critical to business objectives of ensuring execution excellence and profitable growth.

CA. Nisarg Dugad - CA. Nisarg Dugad

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Entrepreneurship – The Leap of Faith

Nisarg has more than 16 years of diverse experience in the finance field.  He has been advising clients on raising debt, capital, restructuring and M & A transactions. A strong communicator, Nisarg has leveraged his interpersonal skills to develop strong networks with individuals and institutions. Nisarg is the member of the ICAI since 2002 and prior to his entrepreneurial journey he has worked in organizations like Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Nestle, and Emirates Investment. He is a regular speaker at various forums on subjects of trade finance, venture capital and raising finance for SME’s and regularly visits universities to share his knowledge with students. He is keenly interested in social service initiatives and participates regularly in various events for a social cause in UAE and India.

He also addresses students on a regular basis and has been invited to speak at various institutes like Middlesex University, Dubai, SP Jain School of Global Management, Dubai and BITS Pilani Dubai and also at the ICAI Knowledge village to address the students. He is keenly interested in social service initiatives and participates regularly in various events for a social cause in UAE.

Ashutosh Gupta - Advisor



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  • Benchmarking
  • Listen to your Heart-Don’t Look
  • Surround yourself with Successful People
  • Create a Learning Organization
  • Kaizen and Gemba Management
  • Success is a Team Sport
  • Keep First Things First
  • Have a Marketing and Branding Strategy

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